If you are focusing on penis enlargement through exercises you must learn how to Jelq properly. Practicing a proper Jelq technique can help you to achieve a larger penis in length and girth as well as it can help you to fix penis curvature. To acquire projected gains in length and girth you have to practice Jelq for some months. But harder erection, elevated stamina can felt earlier.

How to Jelq: Step by stepHow to jelq ok hand sign guide

Jelqing is not hard to perform. You should be aware what you are doing and which benefits you are aiming from these exercises. Jelq is repeated massaging of the shaft of penis. It is similar to milking. Factors, which you focus while Jelqing, are intensity, grip and repetition. Never start your program too heavy. Be gentle. Your starting period may be dedicated to learning proper way rather than achieving your goal.

1. Proper warm: Warm up your penis very well. This can be done using towels dipped into warm water. Use warm water not hot water. Three to four minutes is more than enough to do this. You can also adopt other proper ways to Jelq.
2. Achieve desired erection: Use should Jelq your penis in between 50-70% of erection. Not more than that. It can be initially difficult to isolate semi erection. If you are getting full erection never Jelq Further. To make your penis semi erect you can massage it slowly.
3. Lubrication: Use of proper lubrication is always advised to avoid skin discoloration and bruising. You can use any lubrication cream, Vaseline or Baby oil. Never use soap. It will cause irritation afterwards.

4. Procedure to milk penis: With thumb and forefinger of one hand make okay sign around the base of your penis and grip it firmly. Don’t hold too tight. Now start to milk your penis from the end of penis. Continue this motion till the end of the head of the penis. Do not milk head of the penis. When your hand reaches the head of your penis, engage another hand with same procedure.

How to Jelq safely?


Ideally, go slower while Jelqing. Increase number of repetitions week by week. Rest in between. Adopt a proper warm up session. If you are seriously looking forward to start Jelqing exercises, consider medically endorsed and 9 year trusted jelqing program.
This website is not for providing full penis enlargement program. This “how to Jelq” information is provided as a guideline only.

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