Why  Jelqing Dangerous or safe?

Is jelqing safe or bad? Will it cost me my Penis?  These questions might be haunting your mind all the time. While creating this site I have done an in-depth research on jelqing. I surfed various forums on internet, ordered some books, tried to adopt medical jargon. This was my quest to get maximum knowledge about jelqing exercises, the all the natural way for everyone’s dilemma.  Finally I landed up with mixed results. Actually jelqing should be considered as an art or skilled work. You should know what you are doing. Penis Itself is very delicate organ. It must be exercises with caution. Let’s explore the safety and hazardous facts of jelqing.

Why Jelqing is Safe

The Idea behind the jelqing is to stretch penis in correct way. Most of the penis extenders works on the same principle. Leading brand like Sizegenetics is actually recommended by doctors all over the world. These devices are certified by various authorities. Medical journals accepting their existence, problems like bent penis treated with these devices. We are doing the same thing which device do but with our hands. Jelqing shouldn’t be biased. Members on various forums posted their pictures.

Why Jelqing is dangerous?

As stated before Penis is very delicate. If you commit a single mistake it is going to harm you a lot. Again the same forums containing the pictures of members with big penis also contains posts from other users stating it won’t worked for them or injuries they got. Proper knowledge to perform jelqing is needed. Most of the penis enlargement forums are focused on other methods like hanging weights, which are 99% dangerous and 1% result oriented.

Finally you own your penis, you have to make decision. If you want to go for jelqing then prepare yourself with action plan. This plan must be verified on safety and outcome standards. I mean your method must be safe and good too. If you are seriously considering adopting for penis enlargement through jelqing exercises you should choose good forums or good guides. Otherwise, dragons are ahead!

Not sure where to find good guide here are the links

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3)      GOOGLE .. :)

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