Jelqing results is most tempting factor which is engaging more males to jelq exercise all over the world. When we compared it with other penis enhancement method, jelqing stood at first place for delivering quicker results. The trusted and result giving method for penis enhancement is penis extender. Pills, Pumps and other methods are totally useless. Hanging weights may add some results but they come with added risk of penile injury which is very hard to heal and may leave consequences throughout the life. Let’s understand the factors for getting maximum results in minimum time.

get maximum jelqing results

maximum Jelqing results

Factors influencing Jelqing Results

Jelqing results can vary individual to individual due to following factors

a)      Physiological Factor: Everyone is born with different body structure. This is also verified by survey of average penis size all over the world. The ability to accept change varies individually. While jelqing you need to apply pressure on penile tissues and make space for growth of new cells to see results. This change is adopted at different level. You can easily check your progress with symptoms occurred while practicing jelqing Exercises. Hence making jelqing results comes faster.

b)      Accuracy and skills: Jelqing techniques are not difficult rather skillful. If you are practicing jelqing with correct procedure and applying correct skills you are eligible to get desired results. Inaccurate or partial knowledge can give you dissatisfaction and making more prone to injuries. So if you are looking to get maximum jelqing results you should learn those skills accurately by a trusted source. Which will give you jelqing before and after pictures.

c)       Time: Penis enlargement exists but as we discussed in physiologic factors section it requires time to adopt the change. So you need to spend some time not only to practice it regularly but also to see Jelqing results. The most amazing fact is that you don’t have to wait too long to see results as you can experience early benefits like stronger erection, better ejaculation control and more stamina.

Jelqing Results Longevity and scope

Jelqing Results are permanent. But you can feel little decrease in length when you cease them. This occurs as there is no space to newer growth because of stoppage of pressure. If you have acquired 1.5 inches of growth in 4 months and you have stopped to jelq then you might feel decrease of 0.25 to .05 inches loss during this period. Remaining gain of 1 inch remains forever. Second most query is how much I can expect from jelqing results? Answer is about 1 to 3 inches. If penile size is below average it is real gem. If you are near about average it can definitely give an extra boost not less than 10-15% of original length.

How to get maximum Jelqing results

To get maximum jelqing results you need to practice it accurately and regularly. Professional jelqing Programs comes with variety of techniques to get maximum results and overall growth i.e. both length and girth. No doubt free forums promoting jelqing exercise are remained favorite but not a single free forum guides with ample of resources like pictures and videos to teach you properly. If you are starting a jelqing program you are 100% supposed to get many doubts you need proper support for that one. In free forums you need to bump all older threads and wait for answer to your query at the end of it, you’ll land up two answer with if its answered with both positive or negative replies. If you are really keen to get maximum jelqing results see our recommendation HERE.


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