Jelqing the most loved penis enhancement technique may trigger some side effects when performed with lack of knowledge. Exercising penis is not as simple as exercising to tone muscle and develop body. In Jelq, you are exercising chambers of penis that are composed of fibrous tissues. These fibrous tissues are very sensitive in nature and also delicate. It requires a lot of attention to exercise it properly. It is not as easy as cooking a dish by reading a recipe book. You can easily find out free guide or procedure to do Jelq. All the resources tell you the basic procedure to implement it. This information lacks word of caution, which leads to injury. Most of the free forums distribute the textual version of Jelqing; those programs are not backed with ample of resources like videos, pictures, and medical endorsement.

Known wrong Jelqing side effects


1)      Bruising

2)      Hyper sensitive skin

3)      Swollen penis

4)      Fracture of the penis



Avoiding Jelqing side effects


It is always wiser to choose a penis enhancement professional program to gain maximum from Jelqing and avoid certain side effects.  If you are looking forward to enhance your penis by doing Jelqing exercises, Always check for the source of information. It should stand on following grounds


1)      Claims: Increasing penis by 6 inches is hoax. It is never going to happen. You can increase penis to some extent depending upon your current measurements. A good penis enhancement program can tell you the actual extent of enhancement.

2)      Time: Penis enhancement by exercises is comparatively slow process. Programs with overnight results are scams beware of them. It requires time to enhance penis by exercises.

3)      Endorsement: Always check for medical endorsement behind penis enlargement program. Medically backed programs are legitimate. They stand by their words.

4)      Support: While Jelqing penis you are going to face many doubts that can frighten you. Always choose program, which have not only good but also the best support.

5)      Age: Always check the history of your PE program. Longer the program less the chances of being a scam.


Jelqing is fun if done correctly and wisely. It has the potential to give you confidence for your sexual problems and abilities. It never lets you down. But if you are doing it in wrong way you will land in trouble for sure!

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