Jelqing worth to follow or just a scam?

Jelqing for Penis Enlargement is new buzz in town. Is it really possible to enhance the penis in length or in girth? Penis is size is everyone’s concern. A recent survey shows about 80% of men are concerned about size of their manhood. Most of the ways to penis enhancement, leads to low results or no results. When it comes to Penis enhancement, Jelqing is considered safest way. Jelqing is a form of self-stretching exercise of the penis. Anatomy of penis reveals that the penis is composed of soft fibrous tissues and very few muscles.  It is not possible to exercise penis in regular way. It requires special attention and precautions. Jelq exercises act on soft portion of penis called as Corpus Cavernosa

History behind Jelqing:

Though there is much debate over the origination of this technique, most of the resources lead it to Arabic nomadic tribes. Exhibiting Manhood was considered as the sign of dominance, power and ability to run the tribe. Male Chauvinism rooted the ways for development of penis enlargement.  Jelqing is an ancient penis enlargement technique originated in Middle East. Jelq this Persian word stands for masturbation. This technique was passed as a family ritual. Father as a family chief was supposed to teach this method to his male children. These exercises were performed for many years.


Effectiveness of Jelqing

Jelqing is absolutely effective if done correctly. Precautions like warm ups, regular routine, proper intensity and methods can give good results. Dr. Brian Richards in England tested effectiveness of Jelqing results in 1970. Dr. Richards has always advocated a practical approach to sexual issues, backed up with thorough scientific study and personal experience. His studies, which were printed in the British Journal of Sexual Science, showed that up to 87% of men that participated in his study achieved 1.4ins gain in the length of their penises and added 1inch in the girth of their penis. Along this harder erections, increased self esteem are other benefits which you get from regular practice. Corrections in curvature also possible. Stretching penis in regular repeated manner can enhance it in length. A study conducted at the University of Turin and published in 2009 in the British Journal of Urology showed similar results, using a penile extender exerting a continuous and gradually increasing traction force on the penis. There is another research published in International Journal of Impotence Research titled “Efficacy on Daily Penis Stretching Technique to Elongate the “Small Penis”" also showed its effectiveness.


Scientific theory behind Jelqing

The inside of the penis consists of three chambers, 2 large chambers on the top (The technical term for this is the Corpora Cavernosa) and 1 smaller chamber on the bottom (the Corpus Spongisum).  Corpora Cavernosa that fills with blood every erection, allowing the penis to stand up. Jelqing is based on principle of stretching fibrous tissues. Such traction creates an adaptive reaction of the penile tissue components at the structural level, with an increase in cellular multiplication. The loss of tissues in exercises can be compensated by diet rich in vitamins and minerals. This type of stretching is used in orthopedics to clear some medical anomalies. Urologist around the world prescribe certain penis traction devices to treat Peyronie’s disease are also based on stretching, nowadays Some good Penis exercises programs are obtaining for clinical studies for assessment of results.


Safety of Jelqing

This method is absolutely safe. Anyhow wrongly performed Jelq exercises can damage the penis permanently. It is always advised to learn these exercises from experts or enroll in medically endorsed program. Information circulated around free forums and websites can lead to severe un-reversed harms like fracture of penis, erectile dysfunction and bruised penis. Jelq is safe effective and result oriented if performed correctly and wisely. Professionally designed programs are endorsed by doctors and health professionals. They are designed in authentic manner to benefit you most considering safety first. Consider to subscribe medically endorsed  jelqing program.

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